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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Scott, Smith, St. Andrews, Stevenson, and Stone

Sir Walter Scott – born in Edinburgh and trained as a lawyer, he is best remembered as a major literary figure and champion of Scotland becoming a novelist, playwright, and poet. He served as Clerk of the Court in Edinburgh’s Parliament House and for 30 years was Sheriff of Selkirk. Some of his most famous writings include his Waverley series Ivanhoe, Rob Roy, and Lady of the Lake. You can learn more: https://www.britannica.com/biography/Sir-Walter-Scott-1st-Baronet

Alexander McCall Smith - R. Alexander "Sandy" McCall Smith is a British writer and Emeritus Professor of Medical Law at the University of Edinburgh who is perhaps best recognized as the author of  The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency series http://www.alexandermccallsmith.com/

St. Andrews – Scotland’s oldest university town and one-time ecclesiastical capital, it is now a shrine to golfers from all over the world. We traveled these beautiful streets beginning with cathedral ruins. Once the largest cathedral in Scotland, it was later pillaged for its stones, which were used to build the town. After examining the still impressive site, we enjoyed a stroll through shops, ate pizza with wild boar, and spent the afternoon at the Old Course (thought to be the first golf course EVER) which lies alongside a beach where scenes from Chariots of Fire were filmed.

Robert Louis Stevenson – a Scottish novelist, poet, essayist, and travel writer. His most famous works are Treasure Island, Kidnapped, Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and A Child's Garden of Verses. This is thought to be the most comprehensive web resource devoted to him:  http://robert-louis-stevenson.org/

Stone of Scone - also known as the Stone of Destiny, and often referred to as The Coronation Stone because it was used for centuries in the coronations of the monarch of Scotland, and later in England. Many legends, crimes, and ideals have surrounded its existence. I had the opportunity to view the Stone since it now resides in Edinburgh Castle alongside the crown jewels. https://www.britannica.com/topic/Stone-of-Scone

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Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

I am a great fan of Robert Louis Stevenson's writing. I re-read Treasure Island last year and was just amazed at how gripping the story was and how vivid the characters, easily as interesting a book as contemporary thrillers and fantasies. I would love to go to Scotland one day. How generous of you to give away copies of your story. I would like a copy and will send you an email. Have a great day.

Diane Weidenbenner said...

I've been to Scotland once and it's one of my favorite places. I also love the writers that you have featured. Edinburgh Castle was amazing - so much history in one place! We saw the fireworks over the castle wall during the military tatoo. Found your blog through the A to Z Challenge. Have a good weekend. www.dianeweidenbenner.com

Cathy Kennedy said...


I would like to visit Scotland someday. Love the old structures and cobblestone bridge. How magnificent your trip must've been! Stevenson wrote some of the best classics! Super job. Nice to meet you through the A2Z challenge!

~Curious as a Cathy
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Click said...

I had to read South Sea Tales by Robert Louis Stevenson for part of my OU course, followed by Treasure Island for part of my Children's Literature course a few years ago and fell in love with his writing. I've read a good chunk of his work now.

Cait @ Click's Clan