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Monday, April 10, 2017

Haggis, Highlands, Heathergems, and Heriot’s Hogwarts

Haggis - a Scottish dish consisting of a sheep's or calf's offal mixed with onion, suet, oatmeal, seasoning, and boiled in a bag of broth, traditionally one made from the animal's stomach. As long as you don’t think too much about what it is, the taste can be appealing and slightly nutty.

Highlands - the mountainous part of Scotland, north of Glasgow, often associated with Gaelic culture.

Heathergems - hand-crafted silver and pewter jewelry, made using natural Scottish heather stems. This beautiful jewelry is sold in gift shops all around Scotland, and I particularly enjoyed visiting their main location in Pitlochry where I learned how they make these gorgeous creations.  https://www.heathergems.com/

Heriot’s Hogwarts - George Heriot's School is a Scottish independent primary and secondary school in the Old Town of Edinburgh. It is also said to be the inspiration for J.K. Rowling’s fictional school of Hogwarts.

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sage said...

All good things Scottish. I'm look forward to visiting there, again, this summer.

Donna Smith said...

I have to go back and read some of your prior posts. My maiden name was Thistle, so have a fondness for all things Scotland and thistly!

Donna Smith
Mainely Write

I.L. Wolf said...

I visited Edinburgh and had to try haggis...it's actually delicious! The hotel where I stayed had a vegetarian version, which tasted identical to me. I'd love to go back to Scotland some day, it was just lovely.

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Isa-Lee Wolf

A Bit 2 Read

Susan Kane said...

My English S.I.L. made haggis once to celebrate Robert Byrnes b-day.

Even he could not say it was delicious.