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Thursday, April 28, 2016

X-ray Interviewing

Becoming a successful interviewer is like learning to take an X-ray. You must look beneath the surface to what lies below - to what your subject doesn't know, or want, to share. Your goal is to remain unbiased while discovering the most interesting truth to share with others.
Here are some tricks to help you create a clear picture:
  1. Sample a wide selection of current magazines and journals. You are learning what type of interviews and truths interest both you and other readers.
  2. Read online to experience a variety of new storytelling forms - you want to find the style that works for you
  3. Read on topics outside your discipline, such as architecture, astronomy, economics or photography. You are stretching your mind and your abilities.
  4. Read other articles in search of under-developed stories. This helps you decide on what topics or individuals you want to focus.
  5. Research as much as possible about your chosen topic or individual to help you find focus and form questions.
  6. Listen to the voice of the subject - what makes them unique.
  7. Write the best article you can complete - every time.
What have been some of your favorite interview subjects?

1 comment:

Yolanda Renée said...

When I had my blog talk radio show, I loved the talker, the person with all the stories. The hour was always filled and went fast. Some of them I had back numerous times, they were great guests!