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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Stealing Time to Write

Most writers don’t have the luxury of sitting at home in their pajamas and writing all day. Whether it’s a 60 hour a week job, multiple jobs, or family obligations that keep you busy, it’s important to find time for your own passions.

I always keep a notebook or scrap paper with me for when I have a chance to steal some time to write. I may also keep a MS nearby and use a few minutes to review/revise/edit. Here are seven ways I steal time for my craft:

1.      Traffic Delays – When I’m stopped at a particularly long red light, waiting on construction zones, or caught in a traffic jam due to an accident.
2.      Waiting Rooms – Sitting outside a dentist, other doctor, beauty salon, car repair, etc.
3.      Chauffeur – waiting to pick up/drop off kids or other family members, or waiting for them while they are in an activity, or other commitment.
4.      Work Breaks – Lunch time, and some offices offer smoke breaks, I use this time for my craft.
5.      Transportation – Waiting on a car, flight, train, bus, etc.
6.      Quiet Time – when your kids, family, friends are still sleeping (night or morning), napping, reading, or completing homework.
7.      Quality Time – Sometimes it’s hard to justify giving up quality time with friends or family. I’ll often sit on the couch by my husband or kids for the nearness/quality time feeling, but I may be writing or editing what is in my lap while they are watching something I’m not interested in seeing.

How do you steal time to write?


Samantha May said...

I bring my USB drive to campus with me and go to the computer lab between classes. I also write a little while I eat breakfast. It makes me slow down while I'm eating so it's a win-win :D

I may have to steal some of your ideas!

Writing Through College

Unknown said...

I'm fortunate to have expanses of writing time, but even at that there are interruptions. Sometimes, I just need to get out of the house-- the library or coffee shop where my interruptions are more limited.

shelly said...

I use my notepad on my iPhone in between heads of hair.

Britney Gulbrandsen said...

I use most of these to catch up on my reading, not writing. I might have to trade a few for writing time!

Anonymous said...

I carry a note book and my camera with me at all times to capture moments of inspiration and I get up at 4am to insure quiet time.

Barbara In Caneyhead said...

I haven't had a time. But I'm certainly looking to carve out that time. Thinking of using lunch at work and my email to post to my blog. Just to be writing.

gh0stwriter said...

I just found your blog & look forward to reading! I write my poetry usually around midnight but with the start of my novel I have been stealing time during the day while doing the wife & mother thing...on my iPad.

Nicole said...

Yes, yes and yes - I've stolen writing time in all the ways you mention! Gotta squeeze it in when we can, right?

Unknown said...

Most of the time, I'm emailing posts to regainingwings.blogspot.ca instead of actually taking notes. I'm in high school classes that let you use laptops instead of pen and paper, so I get a lot of blogging done--thanks to the fact that I type at ninety words a minute....