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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Fresh or Frazzled?

I started last week with a fresh wave of ideas and an influx of completed writing tasks.

This week I feel completely disorganized, overwhelmed, and uninspired.

Such is the life of a writer. If you find yourself in the frazzled category, try these apps: http://www.william-belcher.com/blog/uncategorized/apps-for-the-frazzled-writer/ and these tips: http://terriglong.com/blog/2011/04/the-frazzled-writer-5-strategies-for-alleviating-the-guilt/

Happy Writing!


Sarah McCabe said...

Totally frazzled here. But mostly because we just had a 4 day weekend and having all the kids home makes it almost impossible to get ANYTHING done. Oh, I love the school year. :)

Daisy Carter said...

Such similar highs and lows over here! Last week, I finished something, had a breakthrough on something else, and got all the laundry done.

This week: cold, breakthrough fell through, and lots of dirty dishes.


shelly said...

I'm just plain exhausted.

Hugs and chocolate,

Nicole said...

Walking the tightrope between the two right now. I better not look down! :)