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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dark Passions and Giveaways

There are only three days left to enter my giveaway and Friday is the last day for some of the others (see previous post). Also, another author has added her name to the giveaway list so be sure to stop by her blog to see her offer.

Thought for the day: “Do not hesitate to give your hero lusts of the flesh, dark passions, impulses to evil; for these dark powers, fused with their opposites – the will to good, the moral impulses, the powers of the spirit – will do to your character precisely what the opposite powers of fire and water do to the sword blade." - William Foster-Harris

Happy writing and best of luck winning one of the giveaways!


anthony stemke said...

Good thought by Foster-Harris. Contrasts and struggles make for good story content.

Lorelei Bell said...

Hey, Sylvia. Hope you're feeling better today.

I just posted about your give away on my blog Lorelei's Muse (http://loreleismuse-lorelei.blogspot.com )

I will have tweeted this, and then posted it over on my facebook (you can check both out, my facebook badge is on my blog, and my tweet is @loreleibell

I think I did this right (;