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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Playing with Words and Authors

I've had an extremely difficult time writing outside of academic requirements since this pandemic hit. The emotional whirlwind, learning curve on new teaching environments, and various other recent life changes have left me feeling too drained to share much through composing for pleasure alone.

In an effort to self motivate, I've been reading more, sharing with new authors, experimenting with word play, and looking into taking a few classes. I thought I would share a few I've come across and see what you thought.

1) When Opposites Repel - this fun with words list is created by Leigh Lundin and shared on the SleuthSayers blog - a gathering spot for an excellent group of mystery writers to share their ramblings, and a great store of thoughts for writers of ANY genre.

2) Words You Think Are Synonyms-But They're Not - by Barb Goffman another member of the same SleuthSayers blog. 

3) Master Class - I just register for a membership to this group. I thought hearing the voice of some of these great writers discussing craft might be a great motivator. Authors include Judy Blume, Billy Collins, James Patterson, David Mamet, Neil Gaiman, Dan Brown, Margaret Atwood, R.L. Stine, Malcolm Gladwell, David Sedaris, David Baldacci, and Joyce Carol Oates.

Are you still writing during this pandemic? How are you staying motivated? Have you visited SleuthSayers, or taken a Master Class?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Master Class sounds interesting.
No writing - waiting on edits to come back, then I will be revising.

Poet Pushkar Bisht said...


I am a poet. I am from India. I like your blog. I always take inspiration from others to learn.
It is said, “Everyone has something to teach us”.
I have a blog. Please visit mine and leave your comments.



Poet Pushkar Bisht said...

I am glad to know that you are professor at University of Texas, Austin. My friend is from Texas. She taught at University of Texas, Dallas. She is very nice. She is retired now.

Sylvia Ney said...

Poet Pushkar Bisht - thanks for visiting! I checked out your blog and you've shared some very interesting poetry. I look forward to visiting again.

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