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Friday, June 2, 2017

Falling Short

In the middle of May I mentioned a new goal: Taking a spin off of Ray Bradbury's famous advice, I wanted to write 20 flash fiction pieces by June. I fell short of my goal. 

While it's easy to make excuses: end of school year madness, other unexpected deadlines moving up, unexpected health issues - the truth is, that's life. It would be easy to blame myself for FAILURE, and fall into a funk of depression which further induces writer's block, but you can't play the blame game with yourself. JUST DON"T! Evaluate what you've achieved so far, set new goals, and keep moving. 

If you're interested in how much of the goal I met:

- 5 COMPLETED flash fiction pieces which I submitted.
- 4 completed drafts ready for final edits.
- 7 extremely rough drafts needing a LOT of work.

That's 16 total, but I'm not sure if some of the first drafts will make it. I'm just not feeling them. I intend to keep plugging away, producing more, and submitting more. I usually produce less in the summer since the kids are home with me, and I tend to spend time traveling and playing with them as much as possible.

How are your goals and WIP's coming along? What victories are you celebrating? Are you setting new goals?


Barbara In Caneyhead said...

Sounds a lot like me and my housework goals: 20 things to do, 4 completed, 3I did half-ass, and 13 on the back burner. Who knows if I'll EVER get to them! 😲
Visit me @ Life & Faith in Caneyhead. 😉

Kyra Lennon said...

16 is pretty decent considering how busy you've been! Good job!

My goals? They got sidetracked when a short story I was writing decided it didn't want to be as short as I expected - but it's moving along nicely!

Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

Wow, I think you accomplished a lot! Flash fictions are not easy to write. They're like poetry. They demand so much more of a writer. My goal this week is to do a final tweak on a story collection a publisher has accepted, work up my acknowledgement list, and to write a review of your thoroughly enjoyable story, "Broken Angel."

Unknown said...

Who knows if I'll EVER get to them! 😲