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Friday, April 24, 2015


Todays Seuss-ism comes from Horton Hears a Who and serves to remind us of how important the individual voice is, but also how deafening collective voices can become.

This", cried the Mayor, "is your town's darkest hour!
The time for all Whos who have blood that is red
To come to the aid of their country!", he said.
"We've GOT to make noises in greater amounts!
So, open your mouth, lad! For every voice counts!"

This could be a great encouragement to get citizens to vote. Make sure your VOICE is heard!


Karen Mortensen said...

Awesome quote.

Dixie@dcrelief said...

This is great!

nashvillecats2 said...

A wonderful one,

Stitching Noni said...

What a great idea for your posts :o)
I adore the Dr Seuss books! I read them from cover to cover growing up and now my nieces and nephews read them!
Hugs xx

Fee said...

Hear hear!

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Kristi said...

Suessisms--what a great theme! Collective voices can be deafening, which is why we need to protect freedom of speech. Individuals should be able to voice opinions without fear.

bookworm said...

I've seen my young adult son turn from an eager voter into someone who no longer has faith in our political system. His friends don't vote, either. How do we turn that around, when we older adults don't vote, either? It's frustrating. Dr. Seuss was right in so many things - in fact, I've enjoyed some of his political cartoons from the years before we entered World War II. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

i b arora said...

these are the collective voices that we have to be scared of, collective voices are often wrong

Vishal Bheeroo said...

You've weaved it in a powerful way. Voices raised together matter to usher change, Sylvia:)

elly stornebrink said...

Individual voices are just as important as collective voices! However, the latter makes more noise! ;) <3