"There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate's loot on Treasure Island." - Walt Disney

Friday, April 3, 2015


Today's Seuss-ism is about taking Chances and comes from Scrambled Eggs Super!

The places I hiked to!
The roads that I rambled
To find the best eggs
that have ever been scrambled!...
If you want to get eggs
you can't buy at a store,
You have to do things
never thought of before.

Do what scares you - try new avenues - the same routine yields the same results so dare to try something different and take a CHANCE!


Unknown said...

Green Eggs And Ham has to be G?

Lauren said...

LOVE the Seuss-ism theme! I had never heard of this book either.

Unknown said...

Love the theme! How fun is that? I will definitely be checking back!
Not sure if this will work, as I don't see an option for name/URL, and I don't have Blogger or any of those other options.

Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

Like the others, I love your theme. You should have a lot of fun with this.

Anonymous said...

You're using Dr. Seuss for the blog challenge? I LOVE DR. SUESS!!!!!!!!

Karen Mortensen said...

Good advice. I am glad you are doing these. I have never heard of this book either.

Anonymous said...

Oh the things we can do, if we give creativity the chance to set us free and look outside our own boxes.

MS said...

What a great theme! I look forward to the remaining letters to see what you say.

Mary from The View from my World

Archana said...

Not heard of this book but inspired by your concluding line ".. so dare to try something different and take a CHANCE!"

Ladydragonfly1958 said...

I love your theme, and yes, chances are what makes life such a wonderful challenge. Just think how boring life would be if you never took that chance!

Anonymous said...

The chances we all took when we had a go at AtoZ have led us to be enjoying your posts this month. I might need to find some more things to take a chance over too.