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Friday, February 27, 2015

The Vow

I just finished a disappointing read from one of my favorite authors. In her defense, the book is advertised as a novella, but is meant to be a prequel to an upcoming release and not a stand-alone tale. I'm not a fan of prequels, and this one didn't improve my opinion. I'd probably give it three out of five stars.

While I enjoyed the authors description of setting and wanted to love the heroine, I was a bit confused about the possible love interest. I usually fall for him right along with the heroine, but this time I kept wondering if he was meant to be a bad guy, or even an important one at all.

This publication marks the beginning of Hedlund's foray into YA. While I didn't care for this short story, it wasn't enough to turn me away from reading her future works. I'm still anticipating her upcoming release of An Uncertain Choice in March. It will be a continuation about four years after "The Vow" takes place.

I'm curious to see how the character will have matured, and am hopeful that I'll lose myself in that book as I have in all of this author's previous publications.

Synopsis: In this ebook historical romance novella by Jody Hedlund, young Rosemarie finds herself drawn to Thomas, the son of the nearby baron. But just as her feelings begin to grow, a man carrying the Plague interrupts their hunting party. While in forced isolation, Rosemarie begins to contemplate her future—could it include Thomas? Could he be the perfect man to one day rule beside her and oversee her parents’ lands? Then Rosemarie is summoned back to her castle in haste. The disease has spread, and her family is threatened. And the secret she discovers when she returns could change her future forever. – Goodreads  
How do you feel about prequels?

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The Silver Fox said...

I don't feel any particular way about prequels. I judge them as individual works.

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