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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Don't Stop!

Several of my friends have found themselves weighed down by rejections, and wonder if they should give up. DON"T!

We've all heard stories of now famous authors receiving dozens, if not hundreds, of rejections. Some of them took YEARS to see their work on shelves. Not familiar with them? Try these statistics on  Best-Sellers Initially Rejected.

You're not alone. Don't Stop. Don't give up!

This week I'm working on book edits for two other authors, as well as editing a short story I wrote a couple of weeks ago. Oh, yeah, and I have TWO magazine articles that I need to finish.

Keep busy. Keep going. Keep improving and submitting!  Still feeling stuck? Try one of my posts to Get Creative Juices Flowing, Prevent Writers Block or to Deal With Rejection:

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What are you working on? What helps you get past the rejection phase?

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Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

This was absolutely wonderful. I loved reading the rejections of these famous writers. And take heart. Also, in my own case, after numerous rejections, My own middle grade mystery involving Sherlock Holmes is going to be published June 15th by MX Publishing. This is after very many rejections. So I believe in not giving up!