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Friday, November 7, 2014

NaWriMo - Days 6 and 7

Continued work on chapter one (656 words), continued work on chapter two (499 words), added to chapters seven and eight (364 words), expounded on chapters twelve and thirteen (5,296 words), wrote introductions to chapters fourteen and fifteen (629 words), and began chapter sixteen (588 words). Total word count for days six and seven 8, 032 words.

While some of you may be impressed with the word counts, please remember this month is about quantity - getting your thoughts down and a first draft completed. You'll work on quality next month when you begin revising and editing.

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What are you working to complete?


Unknown said...

This is my first year of NaNo and I'm trying to complete my story. I haven't even broken it up into chapters or anything. I'm just writing everything that comes to mind between my characters and the plot and then I'll edit it all later and piece it together. It's been so hard to remind myself not to edit right now :( lol

MunirGhiasuddin said...

I have only written two thousand words so far, how am I going to make fifty thousand, I don't know.