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Monday, November 17, 2014

Action Kids’ Club and Giveaways!

Todays guest post is brought to you by Aidyl"

Yikes! We’re already starting the second week of my blog tour celebrating the release of Action Kids' Club. Exciting, right? Read the last post at this blog and find out more about Action Kids by clicking here.

The answer to Saturday's riddle is: It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up. -Babe Ruth

In Action Kids' Club one of the things Olivia, the main character, is learning about is opportunities so I thought it would be fun to share with y’all about some opportunities I’ve had. 

When I was around 14 I got sick with Lyme disease and ended up spending a lot of the next six and a half years in bed. For the first while I griped and complained and made everyone around me miserable. Then my dad told me I needed to change my mindset and gave me a book by John Maxwell to read.

It was hard at first, but then I learned how to see the opportunities that were all around me, even when I was sick in bed. It was during that time that I began writing more seriously, started a blog and signed my first book contract.

I’ve been so thankful ever since then that my parents didn’t let me waste all of those years, but helped me to make the most of them. It seems like a lot of opportunities hide in hard situations, so next time you’re faced with something that’s difficult, instead of feeling sorry for yourself, look around and see if you can find an opportunity of your own!

Another, more recent opportunity I had was to go to Asia for a month. There were a lot of logistics I had to work out to make it happen, but in the end, it was all worth it because it was an amazing life-changing month.

Most recently, I had the opportunity to put my computer away for a few minutes and play a game with my little brother. I won, we had some great sibling time and my brother had fun. Plus, the break probably helped clear my mind which made my writing better when I came back to it.

What about you? What is one of the last times you saw an opportunity and decided to take ahold of it and run?

And here’s your quote riddle for today. Figure it out and leave the answer in the comments section and you’ll be entered into a drawing for a great prize! And, check out my blog to find out about the $50 gift card I’m giving away!

(Answer Key)
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D E F G H I  J  K L M N O P Q  R S T  U V W X Y Z  A B C

Dgyhuvlwb fdxvhv vrph shrpoh wr euhdn; rwkhuv wr euhdn ohfruav. -William A Ward

Thank you so much for stopping by! Make sure you visit this blog tomorrow for the next stop on the tour where you’ll find out what inspired the Action Kids Series, the answer to today’s riddle and another giveaway.

I’m so very excited about this Giveaway I’ve put together!

“Extreme Action Kids Package”  Including but not limited to: A signed copy of Action Kids' Club, Action Kids Bookmarks, Action Kids Notepads, Pens, a Paracord bracelet or Keychain with Compass, Snacks to munch on in case you get hungry while reading, and some awesome money from Zimbabwe! Sorry but the giveaway prizes can only be sent to address in the USA! See below for  more ways to win!
Action Kids’ Club Back Cover BlurbTwelve-year-old Olivia Hall’s dream of a friends' club ends when she finds out her family is moving. Her parents assure her it's a good thing, opening a new world of possibilities for the Halls. But going from ‘miss popular’ to ‘the new girl’ won’t be easy, and Olivia is not convinced. Soon she begins to realize that although her life has suddenly changed, there's plenty of adventure to keep her on her toes. From making new friends at Forward Focus, to hanging out at the world-renowned Kids Zone, to meeting the curious head chef, she discovers that there's much more to life - and her new surroundings - than she ever imagined. How will she make the most of these new opportunities? Or will she let them slip away?

About the Author: Lydia Howe (aka Aidyl Ewoh) is a twenty-something adventurous author who enjoys hiking in the mountains of Asia and South America, building life-size models of dinosaurs, taking road trips across Europe and cooking for large crowds. Lydia grew up in a barn and has always dreamed of living in a tipi. She is trained as a John Maxwell coach and her passions include self-development and Christian apologetics One of her life-long dreams was realized when her first book, “Cave Secrets of the Pterodactyl, was published by Answers in Genesis in 2013. Find her online at her Blog, Facebook, Twitter,  Google+, Goodreads and Pinterest.
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BWG, P.O. Box 1402, Lake Charles, LA 70602 said...

Gosh, Sylvia, you sure are giving away a LOT of stuff this month!

Unknown said...

Reading your accounts of your time battling lymes is always so inspiring. Hope you have/had a great weekend, Lydia...:-)

Unknown said...

The quote is "Adversity causes some to break; others to break records."
I'm really enjoying your blog tour, Lydia!

Becky Dempsey said...

Quote for today: "Adversity causes some people to break; others to break records"

Aidyl Ewoh said...

David: Thank you, David! I'm glad it's inspiring!
Hosanna: You commented!!! You make me happy. :)
Becky: Right on track! Good for you!