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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Poll: How Did You Hear...

In case you have not heard the debate about paid reviews or the discussions on the credibility of reviews in general, check out the articles on The Kill Zone.

In conjunction with them I decided to poll my own readers to see what influences your purchases. Please take a moment to click the survey to the right and/or comment below.

My most recent purchase was Creating Magic: 10 Common Sense Leadership Strategies From a Life at Disney by Lee Cockerell. I saw it on a recent family vacation to DisneyWorld. I'm still awaiting delivery from Amazon. However, I have also recently purchased books recommended by friends or by writers I respect.

How about you?


Annalisa Crawford said...

I voted other - I've just bought the book of an author I'm going to see at a festival in a couple of weeks time, and I thought I ought to know what she'll be talking about.

I rarely look at reviews, even before the controversy - I prefer to make my choices based on random things like whether I like the cover!

D.G. Hudson said...

Don't care for the paid reviews idea, it makes a travesty of the honest reviews.

I get more book ideas from other bloggers than any other source.

Unknown said...

I don't care what reviews say. People's opinions are subjective. I read the sample and if the first two pages don't pull me in, I won't buy it.

Unknown said...

I rarely read reviews for books. If I do, I tend to ignore the really bad ones, and the really great ones. I've found the the 3-4 star reviews hold the most truth. :-)

Jessica Ferguson said...

I don't pay any attention to reviews. I think PAID reviews are ripping off the authors as well as the readers, but that's just my opinion. Reviews have changed over the years. Not as honest as they used to be. I usually buy authors I'm familiar with and enjoy discovering new books by browsing the book stores.