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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

In honor of America's celebration of Indepedence, try a writing exercise using some or all of the words on this patriotic list!

America, United States, Founding Fathers, Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Philadelphia, independence, July, fourth, holiday, republic, democracy, land, country, nation, states, thirteen, original colonies, government, citizen, patriot, freedom, history, liberty, ideals, truth, beliefs, justice, heart, foundation, war, revolution, battle, army, soldier, veteran, musket, gun, fight, Yankee Doodle, red, white, blue, statue, monument, band, banner, bunting, balloons, confetti, parade, grand marshal, flag, stars, stripes, fly, wave, snap pledge, salute, patriotic, loyal, free, brave, proud, grand, honor, defend, respect, march, cheer, clap, celebration, speech, poem, national anthem, song, hymn, play, baseball game, fans, stands, Fireworks, display, show, firecracker, sparkler, ground flower, pinwheel, Roman candle, rocket, skyrocket, flare, fountain, black snake, explode, pop, bang, hiss, sputter, burst, twinkle, sparkle.


Rob-bear said...

I'm a few days late for Canada Day (July 1st), but I'd like to try the challenge. Lots of those words would work for Canada's history, too.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Jeremy Bates said...

These all are good prompts, but you left out a biggie - revolution! lol

Yeah, thanks for this.


Jay Noel said...

Hope you had a fantastic Independence Day. It was a HOT one here in St. Louis. It was 107. Cray-zee hot.

loverofwords said...

I was proud of our community, not one pop or bang as they were prohibited because of our fires, but I was sure I would hear something--nothing. Now the rains have come, a little late. But a Happy 4th, (a little late).