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Monday, March 28, 2011

More Cast Your Vote

Yesterday, I asked for your vote to decide on the topics I will post for the “A to Z” challenge. I listed the first five letters of the alphabet with possible topics. I’ve already received several comments and emails with your choices for those as well as suggestions for other letters.
Here are some of the choices for the next seven letters. Remember, you can cast your vote either by leaving a comment or emailing writinginwonderland@gmail.com. You may also go back and cast votes for the first five letters as well.
Please keep it reading, writing, and publishing related. Topics may pertain to authors and film as well. I know some of you are hoping to sell screenplays or have your books made into movies.
I’m looking forward to hearing more from you all. Happy Writing!

F – Fairy Tales, False Claimant, Fantasy, Fears, Feedback, Femme fatale, Fiction, Flash fiction, Flash forward, Flashback, Flaws, Focus, Foreshadowing, Formula.
G – Gender concerns, Ghosts, Ghostwriting, Gifts in writing, Grammar, Growth in storytelling.
H – Half-scene, Happy Endings, Herald, Hero/Heroine and the journey, Homme fatale, Horror, Hubris, Human Qualities, Humor.
I – Ideas, Illusions, Images, Intellectual plot, Interactive stories, Internal conflict, Interviewing, Introduction.
J – Journey, Jung Theory.
K – K in Humor, Kubler-Ross Theory.
L – Language, Lessons, Letters as magical symbols, Linear stories, Listening, Literary Process, Loglines, Love scenes, Lyrical writing.


Angela said...

How clever of you to use your blog followers as a resource this way. I hope you come up with your posts soon.

Paula Martin said...

Look forward to your A-Z blogs. I'm still working out the titles/topics for mine too!
Good luck!

J.L. Campbell said...


I see you have ideas. I have an idea that I'll be doing character related stuff, but I need to sit down and write something before April 1 gets here. :D