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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Free Comic Books, E-books and Audio books

Gizmo's Freeware has published a directory and reviews of free download sites. Gizmo claims all listed sites are legitimate and display NO pirated content.

This directory includes sites for downloading free E-books, Audio books and even comic books.

The first site I visited displays the first issue of Action Comics, dated June 1938. This is the issue that introduced Superman to the world. A year later, Superman got his own series. According to Gizmo, a copy of this issue recently sold for $1.5 million, but now you can view it online for free.
Gizmo lists include books from most genre’s and time periods. I found titles by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Edgar Allan Poe, Debbie Macomber, Martin Luther King, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. and Zane Grey. I have only viewed a small portion of these so far, but the type and graphics (in the case of the comic book I mentioned) have been good quality.
Thanks to free resources like these, it’s easy for us to reread classics as well as enjoy new and entertaining publications. Happy reading!


CrystalB said...

Very cool. Thank you for sharing. BTW, I emailed you my choices for the A to Z challenge.

Donea Lee said...

Cool - I'll have to check it out. Hadn't heard of this site before. Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

You can also find free classics, or maybe for only a dollar, for Nook and Kindle. I have a Nook and have downloaded many such books.

This site looks great, too. I'm now going to check it out. Thanks!

mooderino said...

thanks sylvia, interesting resource.

Talli Roland said...

Thank for the heads-up, Sylvia!

M Pax said...

Interesting, indeed. I'll have to go check this out. Thanks for sharing.