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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Writing Persistently

If you are like me, you have numerous writing projects, both finished and incomplete, laying around the house. Some of you may not be participating in NaNoWriMo due to a lack of confidence or inspiration. Never let your writing go stale. If you love to write, do so, even if you don't finish. Eventually you will use it.

When I hit a wall or block in my writing, I simply switch gears. Sometimes I work on other writing projects. When that doesn't help, I just sit and copy lines from favorite stories or lyrics from favorite songs. I love the feel and flow of copying something that caught my attention and tugged at my emotions. When you write something that appeals to you, you can't help becoming inspired. Try it.

Whether you are working on that new novel or not, here is another writing opportunity for you. There is no entry fee. Literary Laundry Contest for poetry, prose and plays. http://www.literarylaundry.com/submissions
Each issue of Literary Laundry is accompanied by a writing competition. All pieces submitted to them for review will be entered into consideration for their Awards of Distinction. They offer the following cash awards:

$500 for best poem
$500 for best short story
$250 for best one-act drama

In addition to considering undergraduate works for the Award of Distinction, they will also consider them for the following undergraduate awards:

$250 for best poem
$250 for best short story

Deadline December 1, 2010.

Writing: My NaNoWriMo project is titled Wishes from Wonderland - Do you see a pattern? :-) I have a working outline for the entire story, and numerous rough notes and scenes, but I've only typed about 3500 words. While I like the idea and can see a lot of possibilities, I feel myself drawn to complete other stories I've started. It will be interesting to see what I'll finish first. Happy writing!

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Laurie Kolp said...

Thanks for the tips and submissions link, Sylvia. Best of luck in writing your novel this month and working on your other projects. Can't wait to see them!