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Tuesday, April 23, 2024

2024 Shakespeare Day

It's "National Talk Like Shakespeare Day"! It's observed on April 23, in honor of the author's birthday. To learn more about this celebration, check out the official site at: http://www.talklikeshakespeare.org/

Folger Shakespeare Library also hosts a variety of events, activities, contests, and programs for both kids and adults.

I've previously shared my own interest in Shakespeare in an article with Southern Writer's Magazine. You can check that out here: For the Love of Shakespeare.

For other great reads, Shakespeare fans should check out:

25 Romances for Shakespeare Fans
English, Irish, and Scottish Poetry

All the World's a Stage: Great Drama

Are you a Shakespeare fan? Will you be celebrating? What is your favorite Shakespearean creation? 

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Karen Jones Gowen said...

I am a bit of a fan. My problem is the old English is too hard to understand at times and get all the clever meaning in the lines. I have to read it slowly and carefully to appreciate it, and slow and careful reading isn't as much fun as zipping through a modern novel.