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Saturday, September 29, 2018

Road Kill: Texas Horror by Texas Writers Vol. 3

Congratulations to my friend Melinda Pouncey and the other 12 authors selected for this year's horror anthology! The official release took place today: 

Road Kill 3: Texas Horror by Texas Writers
Publisher: Hellbound Books
Launch date Sept 29, 2018

Everything is bigger in Texas - including the horror! A Piney woods meth dealer clones Adolph Hitler. A nightmare exorcist meets an inexorable fined. An eyeball collector gets collected. The apparition of a lynching victim tracks down his executioners. A Texas lawman is undone by shades of his past. A Baphomet recruits converts as a local summer camp. The tales of the baker's dozen who appear in this anthology demonstrate why everything is scarier in Texas… Including tales of terror from Jeremy Hepler Madison Estes Bret McCormick James H Longmore ER Bills Shawana Borman And many more...

The previous two volumes of this anthology are also for sale on Amazon. For more information click here.

Have you read any of these volumes, or other works by these authors? What are some of your favorite Horror or Halloween reads?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Road Kill - now that's an awesome title. Congratulations to all of the authors!

Unknown said...

The book launch was a lot of fun and the anthology stories in this volume are said to be the best yet. Thank you for coming and for sharing this on your blog.

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