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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

IWSG: 5 Reasons for Vacation

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Today, I want to share "5 Reasons Writers Need a Vacation".

You may have noticed that I haven't posted in nearly a month. The truth is... I've been on vacation. A much needed and greatly enjoyable vacation. While I often lament the fact that family has become spread out around the country (making large family get-togethers a thing of the past), it does make travel more affordable. We stay with family when we travel, thereby eliminating a need for hotels, and no eating out since we take turns cooking family meals that often leave leftovers for the next day. That means the only added expenses this summer were for gas and sightseeing.

We enjoyed a week long stay with family in Colorado, several days in Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, and Arizona, then two weeks with family in California before returning home to Texas. A wonderful blessing of a summer!

During that time, I took a break from writing as well. The only writing related work I've attempted during the last month has been to respond to a few editor emails related to some upcoming publications. Otherwise, I refused to work. This decision was made due to an almost complete burnout I was feeling in the previous months. I discussed some of those issues in my June IWSG post here and I want to thank everyone who has left encouraging comments here and on other social media.

Never underestimate the power of a vacation. It's so important to take a break - even if it's only to sit in the back yard with your feet in the kiddie pool. Here are just five reasons why vacations can be so important:

1) You need to recharge - sometimes weekends just aren't enough to balance the stress of your job. Try treating yourself to a full week if possible. During this time,ignore your email, social media, or any other "work" reminders as much as possible.

2) Get out of your daily environment - it's easier to break routine if you can find yourself in a new location. Stepping away from it ALL can give you a more fulfilling sense of peace. It also allows you to prioritize more efficiently when you return.

3) New experiences - seeing new places, meting different people, and trying new things triggers your creativity - making you not only a happier, but more productive individual.

4) Time with friends and family - you have control over the people you allow to be a part of your life. Hopefully, you've found friends and family you can enjoy these times alongside. This makes travel more enjoyable, and you're less likely to slip back into depression if you have someone to share the memories with later.

5) Exercise - maybe you are usually stuck in a cubicle all day, or you've been too tired or depressed to be active - either way vacation can help you break the cycle. Whether you enjoy walking, hiking, swimming, or marathon park hopping and sightseeing, your activity level naturally increases when you are happy.

At the end of your "time away" you should feel amazing. More powerful, creative, and unstoppable. I hope you are able to treat yourself to a much needed vacation.

What's the best vacation you've enjoyed? What would be your "dream" vacation?


Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

Great post with great advice. Sometimes a writer really does just have to "leave it" and experience enjoyable relaxing activities and get refreshed. I'm glad your own vacation was such a boon. I'm sure your writing will benefit greatly.

Unknown said...

Absolutely! We put ourselves under too much pressure and burnout is inevitable. Taking a break for a while is crucial to decompress and then re-charge. Great post and I hope you're all re-charged soon!

Chrys Fey said...

I haven't been on a vacation since my family went on one when I was a kid! And I haven't taken any real time away from writing, blogging, or social media since I started all of this. You have me wanting to go on a vaca now. :) My dream vacation would be to Ireland.

IWSG co-host Write with Fey

Unknown said...

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Scribbles From Jenn said...

I agree! We do need a vacation. My favorite is cruising. I don't care where we go, I just want to be on a ship. I love that cruising has something for me and my family plus, I don't have to cook, clean, or even think about where we're going to eat. Everything is done for me so all I have to do is enjoy!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That's great you took a month off to visit family. (Staying with family is such an awesome cheap vacation.) I've learned that I have to take breaks as well, more so from blogging than writing.

Unknown said...

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Anna said...

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