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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Bipolar Writing

Ever feel like your emotions, drive, and success are spinning out of control on a crazy carousel? You want to vomit one minute, curl into a ball and cry the next, then fly high with a new idea - only to repeat the process the next day or week? Welcome to the creatives disorder.

This form of intensive highs, then helpless anticipation followed by drowning depression is quite common among artistic types. The recent tragic death of Robin Williams is only one example of thousands if not millions. Do you want to learn how to control those feelings instead of allowing them to control you?

Learn what to expect, and how to connect with others like you. Try reading this great article by James Scott Bell. He provides solid research, some good examples, and positive thoughts on the subject.

If you're suffering from long term depression seek help from your doctors, and connect with others experiencing the same. If you have a hard time facing someone and discussing your feelings, connect through an online site such as http://beingpositivewithadepressivesoul.blogspot.com/

Life's ups and downs are constantly interrupting our goals. Some circumstances knock us down longer than others. Take control and move past those interruptions to regain your focus and drive.

Curious how I've dealt with similar situations? Try one of my articles belowI pray you can all find happiness and contentment. Let me hear from you. How do you take back control?

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Crystal Collier said...

Awesome advice and resources. I'm afraid for me, it all comes down to energy level. If we run ourselves too ragged, there's not enough left to be a real person. That's a dangerous place to be.

Nicole said...

Thanks for the link list!