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Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Golden Sky - Giveaways and Book Review

The Golden Sky, a memoir by Elisa Hirsch, will be released tomorrow and is a must read.
Published under the name EC Stilson, this book is a journal she began at the age of nineteen when she had a baby and another on the way. Told she carried an infant with extreme defects, Elisa began to research all avenues open to her and her child.
The author takes us on a heart wrenching journey as her second child struggled to overcome many health obstacles. Elisa openly shares the raw emotions of losing both this child and her husband in the grief that follows.
This journal is an honest look at how one woman struggled with her faith, family and the strength to continue after extreme loss. Now the mother of four, she has decided to share this tale. Her message of hope through the length and depth of the mourning process will certainly aid any family struggling with similar experiences.
I highly recommend this book not only to fans of nonfiction, but as a healing balm to anyone struggling with any type of loss.
For more information about this book or the author, please read the previous post.

Congratulations to Jenni Merritt who has won a copy of this moving tale!
For an opportunity to win a free ipad2, please visit the author blog before November 20th.


Collette said...

Oh Sylvia, how kind of you to share this heartwrenching story of Elisa's. As a mother, I cannot even imagine how terrifying the experience must have been. My heart aches for you and the pain you have experienced. You are quite a survivor! Best of luck and best wishes.

Susan Kane said...

What a great review of Elisa's book. This is such an exciting time, one anticipated for many years.

Jenni Merritt said...

Oh! I won! I cannot wait to read this story. Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Excellent review, Sylvia. It sounds awesome. I definitely want to read it. I also just read your Tuesday interview with Elisa, and feel like I know her in more ways than one!
Ann Best, Memoir Author of In the Mirror & Imprisoned

Dr. Niamh Clune said...

Sad and brave and the best of luck to Elisa...thank you for sharing, Sylvia!

Crazy Life of a Writing Mom said...

Thank you for this awesome review.

Congrats, Jenni :0) I hope you'll love the book.

Pat Hatt said...

Wonderful review, congrats to Elisa for getting such a great turnout too.