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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Requests: Constructing My Blog

I’ll be making a few changes and adding some new pages soon. Since most of these are based on previous suggestions, I wanted to offer you all a chance to make requests and contributions.

Pages I will be adding:
1.)         For Writers – Tips, References, Exercises etc. I recommend to aspiring as well as seasoned authors.
2.)         Reader Page – Photos, comments, questions, reviews by those reading my work.
3.) FAQ - What would you like to see here?
If you have any other suggestions or requests for this blog, or if you wish to share a photo, review etc. to appear on one of these pages, please leave a comment or email: writinginwonderland@gmail.com I have had requests for guest posts. Yes, I post guests on my blog and I write for other blogs as well. Please email me if you are interested in either of those options.
Also, there is still time to join in the giveaway fun. Simply click the “Wonderland Giveaway Blogfest” button on the right.
Happy Writing!


shelly said...

Smiles to you.

Erin Kane Spock said...

Good luck in re-engineering your blog. Not an easy task.
I think I may need to do that. I've let it stagnate and it needs a breath of life.

Rosalind Adam said...

Good luck with the re-organisation. I almost had a hissy-fit when I last re-did my blog. At one point I thought it might be lost forever. I managed to retrieve it but some things changed that weren't meant to change and it's never looked the same again.