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Friday, January 27, 2017


By Mark Wayne Allen

Imagine a world where the future is always uncertain. There have been many predictions about the future, but the one concept that still eludes us is time travel which could destabilize our entire world.

If we were able to do this, would we use the technology wisely? I wonder. The species that we call humanity seems bent on our own destruction through greed, lust, and envy.

Perhaps someday we will have the wisdom and rational sense of worth to not destroy but help. May we also have the morality of benevolent creation. Currently, our short sightedness and imperfections give way to errors and we seem destined to repeat the mistakes of the past. No matter how kind and lighthearted we may seem, we are still flawed.

The above is the way Melvin Travis of my new book thinks. He has a very bleak outlook on life and almost no past to draw reasonable morality from. In my recent book, "Introspection: From The Melvin Time Chronicles," Melvin is forced to learn that everyone isn't bad, even himself. This loner has to work with others and learn how to trust and depend on them.

For him, this is a very hard lesson, but given his background, it's understandable that he feels this way.

The book was a lot of fun to write and it's my fondest hope that all will enjoy it. A FREE prequel, "Force Of Life" is available for download on my website http://www.markwayneallen.com

You can also keep in touch with me through facebook.com/authormwa, or Twitter.com/authormwa.

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