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Saturday, November 29, 2014

NaWriMo Days 25-28

My daughter was extremely ill this week, and we spent three consecutive days at the doctor trying to help her. They very nearly put her in the hospital, but THANKFULLY she finally began responding to medication. Thanksgiving day was the first time she began sitting up to eat and interact with others. Needless to say, my nonfiction project wasn't really on my mind during this time.

Last night I finally added a few thoughts, but only about 372 words. Not sure how much I'll get back to it this weekend, but at least now that my daughter is feeling better I can think about it some more. I may just take the weekend to enjoy having my whole family together and healthy.

How is your project progressing? Don't worry about beating anyone else, just write for YOURSELF!

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The Silver Fox said...

Here's hoping your daughter is better in no time!

Munir said...

Hoping that your daughter is better.
I did only five thousand words and I did not have any reason not to do better.

Jack said...

I am so glad your daughter is doing better! Illnesses that don't go away with medication can be scary, but I am glad to hear she is recovering!

Karen Rush said...

Glad to know life is on the mend at your house.
As for writing...I bet you did better than most of us, me for sure. Thanks for the encouragement never the less.