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Monday, November 10, 2014

NaWriMo - Days 8, 9, 10, and Veterans Day

Confession Time - I have not been slacking (at least not completely).

I spent day 8 of the challenge at the Bayou Writer's Group Bridge to Publication conference. I enjoyed a long day of company with fellow authors and a few editors. I even pitched my nonfiction project, and received a submission request! I'll soon be sending a few chapters for review.  That evening after the conference I attended an 80th birthday party for my grandfather. While it was a wonderful day I wouldn't trade, it means I wrote ZERO new words for my challenge.

Day 9 was spent at church. We began practicing for our Christmas program, and while we finished around 3 pm, the afternoon was spent completing errands and shopping for some much needed new clothing for my girls - apparently if you feed kids every day, then they keep growing! ;-) I completed a whopping ELEVEN new words to my project!

Today is day 10, and I have yet to add a single word to this project. I'm working to complete other assignments and will hopefully return to NaWriMo this evening. It will probably be late at night as I have a Golden Triangle Writer's Group meeting at 6:30 pm.
Update: Began an appendix (178 words), wrote an introduction to chapter five (312 words), and wrote an introduction to chapter six (603 words). Total word count on this project today: 1,093 words.

Day 11 - Veterans Day - I hope you will be celebrating your own heroes. If you, or someone you know, has ever served in the military then please consider submitting to the Proud to Be anthology. The Missouri Humanities Council and Warrior Arts Alliance is now accepting submissions to their fourth volume. Prizes will be awarded in five separate categories. For more information:  http://www6.semo.edu/universitypress/Contests/PTB_Contest.htm


Rob-bear said...

Well, you HAVE been a busy person. Perhaps you can settle down and write now.

November 11th is a special day, on our country and our lives. I had an uncle who died in WW1.

Blessings and Bear hugs!

Ella Drayton said...

I have that same problem with growing kids. I feel your pain! Hopefully, you will catch a break soon so you can get some writing done! Good luck!

John Macky said...

veterans day poem for student and veterans day pictures