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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

May Scribbler Box: Theme

In April I talked about my March Scribbler box and mentioned how it would be my last shipment. This sevice has been hit or miss for me. I've only enjoyed maybe half of the books, and some of the "writerly gifts" - and seldom together. In other words, there were only a couple of those months where I loved everything inside - the novel, the gifts, the talk subscribers are invited to, etc. Thus, with everything else going on in life, my husband and I have decided to cut back on unnecessary purchases. Hence, I just couldn't see continuing with a service I wasn't 100% thrilled with EVERY month.

Well, surprise to me, hubby gifted me a three month continuation of this service (minus the April 2020 box which was digital). So, here is a peek into the thirteenth box I have received from this service. 

As always, the first thing you see upon opening the box is a writing exercise/contest postcard. Each month provides a new challenge for writers to practice. The deadline for this month is June 13th. 

The "Curated Writerly Gifts" this month include a beautifully ornate journal in black with a gold embossed sun, moon, and stars. Inside the box was also a Bic 4 Color pen, a temporary tattoo that looks like the dictionary entry for the word "writ-er (n)", and a pack of Chewie Fruities - a candy I had never heard of before this.

As usual, this box also came with an inside look at the publishing process for this months author, and an exclusive invitation to chat with a publishing professional: bestselling author Jessica Brody who has published over seventeen novels for all ages including Save the Cat! Writes a Novel. There was also the collectible 'Writing Passport' with the author discussing this months theme which is THEMES.

This months new release is STORIES WE NEVER TOLD by Sonja Yoerg.

From the Amazon Charts and Washington Post bestselling author of True Places comes a suspenseful novel of love, secrets, and obsession.
Psychology professor Jackie Strelitz thinks she’s over Harlan Crispin, her ex-lover and colleague. Why should she care if Harlan springs a new “friend” on her? After all, Jackie has everything she ever wanted: a loving husband and a thriving career. Still, she can’t help but be curious about Harlan’s latest.
Nasira Amari is graceful, smart, and appallingly young. Worse, she’s the newest member of Jackie’s research team. For five years, Harlan enforced rules limiting his relationship with Jackie. With Nasira, he’s breaking every single one. Why her? 
Fixated by the couple, Jackie’s curiosity becomes obsession. But she soon learns that nothing is quite what it seems and that to her surprise—and peril—she may not be the only one who can’t let go.

If you'd like to see learn about previous boxes, click on the "Scribbler" link in the labels below.

Do you subscribe to any boxing services? What do you recommend? Have you heard of SCRIBBLER? Are you tempted to join?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

It's nice you get it for three more months. If it's hit or miss, think I will pass.

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