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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

January Scribbler Box: Stakes

I received my tenth box from Scribbler this month. You can learn about previous boxes, and why I subscribed by clicking the "Scribbler" link in the labels below.

The theme this month is STAKES. As always, the first thing you see upon opening the box is a writing exercise/contest postcard. Each month provides a new challenge for writers to practice. The deadline for this month is 2/14.

The "Curated Writerly Gifts" this month include a combination blue key ring and bottle opener with "#PLOTTWIST" printed along the side, a set of three magnets depicting writing quips, a yellow I'M ALL WRITE notebook, a plastic zip pocket folder with dot grid index cards, an invitation to upload a book to INGRAMSPARK!, a bookmark advertising this months book, and a crunchy milk chocolate salted toffee bar.

As usual, this box also came with an inside look at the publishing process for this months author, and an exclusive invitation to chat with a publishing professional: Jessica Turner, Marketing Director and Associate Publisher for Entangled Publishing, as well as the collectible 'Writing Passport' with the authors discussing this months theme of STAKES.

This months new release novel is MALICE by Pintip Dunn which officialy hits stands on Tuesday, February 4:

What I know: a boy in my school will one day wipe out two-thirds of the population with a virus.
What I don’t know: who he is.
In a race against the clock, I not only have to figure out his identity, but I’ll have to outwit a voice from the future telling me to kill him. Because I’m starting to realize no one is telling the truth. But how can I play chess with someone who already knows the outcome of my every move? Someone so filled with malice they’ve lost all hope in humanity? Well, I’ll just have to find a way―because now they’ve drawn a target on the only boy I’ve ever loved...

To learn more about this monthly box service: https://www.goscribbler.com/

Do you subscribe to any boxing services? Have you heard of SCRIBBLER? Are you tempted to join?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Sounds like you got a good one this time!

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