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Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Just as learning is an important function of the hero, teaching or training is a key function of the Mentor. Training sergeants, drill instructors, professors, trail bosses, parents, grandparents, crusty old boxing coaches, and all those who teach a hero the ropes, are manifesting this archetype.

Of course, the teaching can go both ways. Anyone who has taught knows that you can learn as much from your student(s) as they do from you.

Who have been some of your favorite teachers, Mentors, and/or hero turned Mentor?


FrandalF16 said...

I feel that a teacher is a person with so much power..it can lead you to hate or love a subject and define your professional future... my dad and my sister are teachers and respect them so much for that, but sadly it's so under paid and under appreciated!
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Sunila Vig said...

Sylvia, I believe that this is the most undervalues/underpaid vocation and one which is the most important of all. A wise teacher is a constant seeker/learner and only then proves to be a good teacher and one who ignites the spark of true intelligence.

Sunila Vig said...
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Barbra Novac said...

Hi Sylvia - this is so true. In so many ways we're all teachers and we're all students.
I had a teacher early on in my life who really loved my writing - I feel so grateful for that foundation now. I rest on it all the time, even though he was also a harsh critic. But then, I think my parents are the best and most important teachers I ever had, so that says a lot in itself.
I also love what reading and theatre teach me.

CA Heaven said...

Teaching is great fun. After highschool, I taught math, language and literature for one year in an elementary school on a small island off the coast. Now I have an adjunct professor position in the university, teaching a PhD course in geophysics, and supervising MSc and PhD students. I learn a lot from teaching and supervising students, and I like that they question established truth >:)

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Susan Kane said...

Retired teacher here, and I smiled as I read your post.
Mrs. Norton, Mrs. Willard were my favorite grade school teacher. They were the teachers I aspired to be.

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Afshan Shaik said...

I have many teachers who inspired me and changed me for good through out my school days
But I always say LIFE is my big teacher !
hope u r enjoying the challenge Sylvia :)
Good luck


Swathi Shenoy said...

as it is for everyone else, mom was my first teacher.. in schools der were some teachers that i liked. but speaking generally, its nt jst the professional teachers or lecturers that teach us but people whom we come across in our daily life, they teach us a lot too :)

cifar shayar said...

doctors makes medicines,engineers makes machines,architects makes buildings but teachers make doctors,engineers,architects,businessmen,etc.

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kathrynoh said...

When I was writing my first novel, I had a mentor. Initially through a program at a local arts centre then, when that program finished, through a private arrangement.

It was great to start with - she'd read a chapter then we'd meet to discuss it. I learnt a lot about pacing and structure especially.

But towards the end, I'd start hugging my novel to my chest like a baby (metaphorically), not wanting it messed with. I think that's healthy though - you have to outgrow the mentor relationship at some point.

Fivehearts Onefamily said...

Sometimes I'm learning science right along with Marie. lol Which is sad because it's terribly easy stuff. I call it "relearning" for myself.

My favorite teacher was my freshman Honors English teacher. She was the first person to tell me I have very good writing abilities. I was incredibly encouraged and give her some credit to the fact that I am continuing to write today.