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Tuesday, April 15, 2014


There are many markets available to writers. Here are just a few. Please remember to always check submission guidelines before you send your work.

The First Line - http://www.thefirstline.com/ The submission topic changes every three months. 

Chicken Soup for the Soul: They usually offer about five or six submission topics at a time: http://www.chickensoup.com/story-submissions/possible-book-topics

Pedestal Magazine - Now accepting submissions from new authors as well as established, with varying pay scales and opportunities: http://www.thepedestalmagazine.com/submitguidelines.php

YOGA JOURNAL - http://www.yogajournal.com/general_customer_service/about/editorial_subs_guidelines/Yoga Journal covers the practice and philosophy of yoga. We welcome professional queries for the follow departments: Om. This front-of-the-book section covers myriad aspects of the yoga lifestyle. These short (150- to 400-word) reported pieces are largely freelance written. This department includes Yoga Diary, a 250-word story about a pivotal moment in your yoga practice.  Eating Wisely. A popular, 1,400-word department about relationship to food. Most stories focus on vegetarian and whole-foods cooking, nutritional healing, and contemplative pieces about the relationship between yoga and food. Well Being. This 1,200-word department presents reported pieces about the integration of a regular yoga practice and health. E-mail a well-written query to queries@yjmag.com. Pays $50 to $2,000.

ZOETROPE - http://www.all-story.com/ We consider unsolicited submissions of short stories and one-act plays no longer than 7,000 words. All-Story does not accept submissions between September 1 and December 31. Pays $1,000.

ACTIVE AGING http://www.activeagingonline.com/ContactUs/  The source for news for and about people 55 and better in Sedgwick, Harvey and Butler counties for more than 33 years. Topics include senior lifestyle, profiles, interviews, nostalgia, travel, health. Query first. Articles are 750 to 1,000 words and pays ten cents/word.

AMBASSADOR MAGAZINE http://www.niaf.org/about/contact.asp  Query with clips. Provides information about all things Italian American. Covers personalities, food, film, culture, travel and Italy. Articles are 1,000 to 1,500 words. Pays $300 plus $50 for photos. Query don@niag.org - editor Don Oldenburg.

ONE STORY http://www.one-story.com/index.php?page=guidelines One Story is seeking literary fiction. Because of our format, we can only accept stories between 3,000 and 8,000 words. One Story is offering $250 and 25 contributors copies for first North American serial rights. We accept submissions from September 1 through May 31.
WHIDBEY STUDENT CHOICE CONTEST http://whidbeystudents.com/student-choice-contest/student-choice-contest-rules/ NO ENTRY FEE The contest is open to all writers of any age and at any stage of their writing careers. The competition is open to short-form manuscripts of 1,000 words or fewer in fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, and children/young adults. Held monthly. Winners will be notified by email and a $50 check sent by US post.

ZAMOOF! MAGAZINE http://zamoofmag.com/for-grown-ups.php?bp=3165Submissions are welcome from youth readers or their parents/care givers. Send letters, short stories up to 800 words, poetry, craft ideas, recipes, puzzles, jokes.
STUFF KIDS WRITE http://stuffkidswrite.com/ Please share with us! We are seeking funny notes, cards, letters, or stories kids have written. Submissions can be current (scribbled yesterday) or ancient (pulled from the preschool file).

GREYSTONE http://mygreystone.wordpress.com/submit/ GREYstone, a subdivision of BRICKrhetoric, is now accepting submissions of poetry, artwork, flash fiction, photography and scientific art from students {and teachers} K-12 for our quarterly online publication which comes out in the months of February, May, August & November. Submissions are accepted year-round, and submissions to multiple genres are permitted.


A.M. Guynes/Annikka Woods said...

Thank you for this list of markets. I'm still trying to get anything ready for selling and it's always good to know where I can submit something.

Nicole said...

Great list! The Whidbey contest is part of the same writing community as Soundings Review, which gave me my start. A wonderful opportunity for writers!

Fanny Barnes Thornton said...

Sylvia, I'm so pleased you found me, because now I've found some advice about marketing.
I'm hopeless at marketing although I intend to do something about this as soon as the A-Z is over.
Thank you for following my blog.
By the way - I love the hat.

Lana Dramstad said...

This is very cool. Thank you so much for posting this information. For someone like me, who writes a lot but never knew what to do with all my scribblings, this is an amazing resource! Stopping by from the A to Z Challenge.....thanks for the follow!

jenn said...

hey there. thanks for leaving picky some love. i appreciate it.

aubrey's feeling much better, by the way. :]

Archana said...

Thanks a lot. These are really useful. Thank you also for commenting on my blog. :)

Gossip_Grl said...

Thanks for sharing this list. About a month ago I was searching Google for this very topic.