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Thursday, April 10, 2014

I Will Survive - the Book

My "I" post for last year's challenge was I Will Survive. It was a submission call for personal stories of survival, inspired by Gloria Gaynor’s Song “I Will Survive”. You can read the original post here: http://www.writinginwonderland.blogspot.com/2013/04/i-will-survive.html

Of course the title has changed to We Will Survive: True Stories of Encouragement, Inspiration, and the Power of Song. I mention this because I saw the book in stores recently, and I am curious.
Did any of you submit to, or get published in it? Do you know anyone who did? Have you read the book?


Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

I didn't submit anything, and I haven't read the book. Lately I've been totally immersed in some fiction projects and haven't read much memoir or nonfiction, except (in the latter case) for travel. Did you submit?

Julie Luek said...

Another woman and I had a good laugh about our submission here. We both submitted posts and had a next-day rejection. Not sure what they were looking for, but it was a great concept.

Sylvia Ney said...

I did NOT submit. I wanted too, but I had so much on my plate during that time that my brain just couldn't deal with any more! ;-)

Julie - WOW! Next day rejections are rare. Have you looked at the book now that it's out? There is a free preview on Amazon if you want to see what type of stories they used.

Sharon Bradshaw said...

I didn't submit anything but the book is on my to be read list. I've always loved the song!